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  • To remain faithful to the core of the identity, to be sovereign and authentic, and to continually try new tracks - this has been the driving force and the vision of VIA APPIA since its establishment back in 1980.

  • Modern and value-oriented, composed and absolutely reliable, cosmopolitan and, above all else, respectful to man and the environment - this is the way VIA APPIA complies with the requirements in all of its fields of acitvities.

  • By means of its specialisation in knitwear and shirts, first and foremost priority was given to the benefit for the customer, offered in the form of current trends through to qualitatively high-quality collections with an excellent price-performance ration and marketed in almost all European countries as fas as Russia.

  • A young team of designers in Erlangen bearing its very own style and with a clear promise to perform stands for contemporary fashion, for stylish harmony and, hence, for the demands made by today`s woman about town.    



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